Tim and Cheryl met in college studying the arts at Brooks Institute of Photography and were married shortly after. We started our studio in Santa Barbara in 2005, moving to Northern California in 2012.

Our award winning photography has been featured nationally and internationally and we have been trusted with commissions allowing us to photography numerous celebrities including Jack Black, Charles Barkley, Greg Olsen, Kenny & Gwendolyn Smith, Ray Bradbury, Kenny Loggins, Ray Charles, Reggie Miller, Mötley Crüe, Jethrol Tull.

Our Why

It was 2015 and we had just had our baby girl Abigail - when she was born I (Tim) thought her head looked a little "off" - I asked the dr. and eventually was approved to have x-rays done which led to CT and MRI imaging to discover our baby girl was born with Craniosynistosis - her skull was fused and shouldn't have until she was 18 - she would need surgery to cut her skull open.

I was a wreck, so was Cheryl, but she asked if I'd help her do a portrait session the day before the surgery. At the time I just thought, ok, Cheryl wants to do portraits of our kiddo, sure.

Later I asked her why it was so important to do those portraits then, and she said she was afraid we'd lose our precious baby the next day and wanted portraits to be able to remember her by.

This is when I realized the power, importance and value of portraits of our loved ones. This is the story I keep in mind for every family we create a portrait for.


We’re humbled to have been commissioned to create artwork with so many families, as well as being commissioned to photograph numerous celebrities: 

Jack Black, Charles Barkley, Greg Olsen, Reggie Miller, Thomas Keller, Kenny Loggins, Ray Bradbury, Ray Charles, Kenny and Gwendolyn Smith, Billy Baldwin, Andrew Firestone, Giada De Laurentiis, Wolfgang Puck, Motley Crue, Jethro Tull, The Scorpions, and a number of others we’re not allowed to mention (NDA’s are fun huh???)

Our work has been featured nationally and internationally:

Vogue Italy, The Tonight Show/Jay Leno, Harper’s Bazaar India, Forbes India, Town and Country, The Hollywood Reporter, The Knot, Our Wedding Sacramento, People, US News, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Style Me Pretty, June Bug, Wedding Chicks, Maharani Weddings, Borrowed and Blue, On The Go Bride, Grey Likes Weddings, Style Unveiled, Once Wed, Tahoe Unveiled, Life Hack, Huffington Post, MSN