We’re honored to invite your family to participate in our Project

a short message from our owner:

As a thank-you for participating in our project, we wanted to gift you the portrait experience AND a 14″ fine art print from the session valued at $2000. If you have questions & want to learn more, shoot us a text with CALL (916.655.9332) – or click here to schedule a call:

Because we can only offer 10 slots today – you can self book one of the remaining slots now:

We do ask for a 100% REFUNDABLE holding fee of $249 to reserve a date & to ensure everyone is committed to arriving as scheduled.


OUR MISSION is to ensure that every child grows up with a beautiful family portrait hanging in their home, reminding them daily of just how much they are loved and cherished and that they belong. We look forward to doing this for your family!