For our Luxury Studio Experiences we ask that you dress formal or cocktail formal. Our custom backdrop and contouring lighting works best with the right clothing and it is a huge piece of the success of your portrait. Please, no denim, no shorts, no t-shirts/graphic tees. Focusing on the right styles and avoiding the wrong styles of clothing will ensure that your portrait reflects your family and is the most flattering it can be. Our artwork is viewed as a generational heirloom on your walls, and we have found these guidelines help render your portrait as an exquisite piece of art. It is important for the success of your portrait that certain styles and colors of clothing be used, while avoiding other styles and colors.

Many families express that this is the most elegant portrait they will hang in their home in their lifetime. Darker jewel toned colors vs. light colored clothing will help ensure the most flattering portrait and also keep the focus on faces and eyes where we make the most connection in a portrait instead of on the clothing. Our hand painted backdrop was purchased custom for our studio and does not work with light color tops. Having been commissioned to photograph celebrities, featured in magazines around the world, and trusted by thousands of families to create their portraits, our experience has found the following guidelines to work best:

Men: Dark Jacket, button up shirt (white works well under a jacket), tie, dark pants. If you have a watch you love, accessories are a great option.

Ladies: Dark jewel toned colors including blue, navy, burgundy, black, deep green, and similar in a dress/gown. We suggest avoiding patterns, but a simpler/lighter pattern does work. Jewelry is great for accessorizing - pearls, diamonds work well.

Daughters: Darker jewel toned dresses without a pattern, a dress always is the best option. For kiddos 4 years or younger, an off-white can work.

Sons: For younger boys a darker sweater can work, though we encourage following the same guidelines as adult men. For kiddos 4 years or younger simply a white or off-white shirt with tie or bow tie works well.

Our biggest focus in creating portraits is featuring your face and eyes. If the clothing begins to draw the eyes away from this, then look into another option. You can always contact us directly if you need more input.