This is your chance to look your very best!

We have found that the best portraits always have one thing in common – the wardrobe choices were made purposefully. If you need help, email or call us and we can review your options and help guide you on what might work best for our studio and lighting.

We are a more formal studio, and many of our families will choose to wear formal attire such as a tuxedo, suit and formal dresses. Many opt for traditional clothing when appropriate. And, some families will dress formal for their own style – what they might wear to the fanciest of weddings they would attend. A few families have told us they are uncomfortable in anything but jeans and shirts… in this case, we typically will ask if it would be appropriate for them to dress up their jeans and shirts with a bit with a button down shirt/ long sleeves for the guys.

The simplest way to think of your wardrobe: Dress as nice as you can be and still be comfortable being yourselves

We have never had a family over dress for their portrait, so long as you are comfortable and representing your family in the best light possible, we will work our magic. We just ask that no one is in shorts and that you DO pay attention to shoes as they WILL show up in many of your portraits.

As far as colors and patterns – darker tones and jewel toned colors work best. We tend to avoid patterns as they can be distracting and they tend to be a bit too much if there is more than one pattern.


Our guiding light is that you can never be dressed too formal. If your family is more comfortable with a casual style, we can still create beautiful portraits, but we ask: please No shorts, No t-shirts, No graphics, No patterns and normally it is best to avoid denim.

Our biggest focus in creating portraits is featuring your face and eyes. If the clothing begins to draw the eyes away from this, then look into another option. When dressing your kids, better too tight than too big/baggy. If you need help or advice, please email or call and we’d love to help.


Our hand painted backdrop was created by an artisan custom for our studio and works BEST with these darker and jewel tones colors for adults.

Having been commissioned to photograph celebrities, featured in magazines around the world, and trusted by thousands of families to create their portraits, our experience has found these guidelines to create simply the best results.