The most flattering portraits tend to follow these guidelines:

If you need help, email or call us & we can review your options, helping guide you on what works best for our studio & lighting and final display in your home.


We are a luxury fine art portrait studio, most of our families will choose to wear formal attire with men wearing a tuxedo, suit, or other formal/cocktail attire.


Please, no denim.


Many will opt for traditional clothing when appropriate.

Some families will dress a little more casual – thinking of what they might wear to their most fancy friend’s wedding:

Be mindful of your shoes – shoes/feet WILL show in many of your family’s portraits

Wear Solid Colors In Neutrals Or Jewel Tones (avoid patterns)

Men - while women can get away with white, please do not wear a white shirt unless you wear a vest or jacket over it - men's white shirts take attention away from faces

For Men, Women and kiddos alike, please:

No T-shirts     No Shorts     No Glitter outfits     No Denim


Do NOT wear anything with Glitter – it makes a mess of our studio & we have to hire special cleaners to come in.


Shoes and feet will show in the majority of family portraits. Please be mindful when picking out outfits not to forget matching/complimentary shoe options.


While women can sometimes get away with white, for men a white dress shirt draws all of the attention away from the faces of everyone in the portrait – so avoid doing so unless wearing a vest or jacket over the shirt.

We have a dressing room you can get dressed in.