Thanks so much for confirming your luxury portrait date/time and artwork ordering date/time with us.

We are honored to create an heirloom portrait for your family.

You should have received confirmation emails for those two dates/times – please let us know if you need us to send those again.

You can learn how to dress your best with our wardrobe guide here.

Please let us know if you need anything else at all in the meantime.

Also, during your artwork ordering session, we are happy to show you all of the artwork options that our regular clients have available to them. You have a credit for artwork that is a 14″ Custom Heirloom Canvas valued at $1,500 – larger sizes are available from $1,500 and up depending on the size, type of finish and any framing you might want to add to your piece.

Because we staff the studio for your appointment, any change to your appointment with less than 14 days notice or canceling/rescheduling your appointment more than once will result in forfeiture of the $150 deposit.