Send Us Photos Of Your Walls Carefully Following These Directions:

No need to clean or take anything off of your walls. Only you will see this.
include as many walls as possible, too often spouses end up having other ideas of where they want the portriat to live.
Living room, dining room, den, bedroom(s), fireplace/mantle, bonus room, entry area, stairway, kitchen, media room, play room ….

1) Tape a piece of printer paper to the wall (8.5×11 sheet)


2) Stand as far away from the walls as needed to include both floor and ceiling in frame


3) Be sure you are taking the picture straight to the wall, not from a side angle


Text or email the photos      916.655.9332

Perfect - straight to the wall, including floor and ceiling with paper on the wall:


Too Close:


From a side angle