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Photos were meant to tell a story, and your story is as unique as your fingerprint. We focus on spending the time to get to know you before your photo experience so we know what story we're telling. We look forward to connecting on the phone and finding out who you are, who you love, how you love them and how we can capture that for you.

we believe in helping create transformations in people's lives. We believe portraits are more powerful when we take the time to know you on a deeper level.


Tim and Cheryl are a husband and wife team who's strengths combine to create emotion filled photographs.

Falling in love with each other required not only getting to know each other's stories, but finding the beauty in those stories, understanding and exploring them.

We believe your story deserves it's own place for you to take up to every morning in your home in the form of beautiful wall art.

Bokeh Creatives


Mom, wife, photographer, lover of people.

Cheryl is gentle and kind with a preference for one-on-one conversations when she can really get to know someone.

She loves:
Starbucks Mochas (1/2 pump on the chocolate)
A good historial fiction on a rainy afternoon
Our baby Abby

Excited to:
Eat at The French Laundry
Travel to Italy for food and wine
Own a mini cooper



Father, husband, adventure seeker

Tim had a constant need for adventure, preferably outdoors, somewhere without cell phone service.

He loves:
Our baby Abby

Excited to:

Visit Alaska
Learn more Spanish
Get lost somewhere he's never been



Wouldn't it be awesome if this stuff grew on trees?


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