About us
Our Path To Photography

We’re a photography family with a varied background.

Cheryl grew up in the Palm Springs region and went to college on a music scholarship while majoring in business. While finishing her degree she did a study abroad program and fell in love with photography. After graduating, she moved to Santa Barbara, CA to study photography at the world-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography…

Tim grew up in small-town American believing life was a country song – thankfully he discovered photography while in high school. At first pursuing photo journalism, Tim battled the idea of racing mountain bikes professional before deciding to attend Brooks Institute of Photography where he met Cheryl.

Tim and Cheryl spent their first 6 years of marriage building their photography business in Santa Barbara before they realized that Northern California was calling their name and made the transition to Folsom before finally opening their portrait studio in El Dorado Hills.

Relationship Specialist

Stef is our favorite adopted family member.

She was working in Nepal when we first connected – upon getting to know her personality, we just knew she had to be a part of our family. Not only does she LOVE good beer, she also loves people (I know, that sounds cliche, but give us a call and ask for Stef and within the first 3 minutes of talking, you’ll KNOW what I mean)

Stef is an El Dorado Hills local – she grew up locally and graduated from Oak Ridge High School.
She’s the secret ingredient in everything we do. She’s an integral part to the Bokeh Creatives experience – there’s no doubt you’ll chat with her before your session and she’ll make sure you’re taken care of throughout your entire experience.

Just Pause – Breath It In

You live a busy life, there is never enough time to stop and take it all in, to appreciate what you have in life.

We’re here to help you do that and to create artwork to help you capture these fleeting memories before they pass you by.